History of Ceylon Cinnamon

Historically, Ceylon cinnamon has been one of the most precious export items since early evolution of spice trade in the world. There are records of trade in Ceylon cinnamon as far back as ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, Arabian, Venice, Greek and Roman times. It was particularly prized for its health in the Middle East. Ancient Egyptians used it as long ago as 2000 BCE and even the Bible makes mention of Cinnamon.

The source of cinnamon was kept as a secret form the Mediterranean and Western world for centuries by the Arabs who controlled cinnamon trade to protect their monopoly. But today it is well known that Cinnamon came from the tiny Island of Sri Lanka located at the tip of India. This is the true home of Cinnamon. At one time, cinnamon was considered more valuable than gold. In fact, it was the quest for Spices that led to exploration of the world in the 15thcentury and cinnamon was the most important spice that attracted the Westerners to Ceylon.


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about us

We are the only specialized supplier of Cinnamon Toothpicks in Sri Lanka and focused on supplying high quality toothpicks made from Pure Ceylon Cinnamon to fulfill the demand from our local and international customer base. We are always committed to ensure that we are supplying top quality cinnamon toothpicks in the world. Ceylon Cinnamon is called “True Cinnamon” because it is unique and native to the tiny Indian Ocean Island of Sri Lanka.

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Why Tupik Cinnamon Toothpicks

Tupik is not just a normal toothpick but is far ahead of that. Normal toothpicks are useful only after a meal to remove particles of food between teeth, but Tupik Cinnamon Toothpicks are totally different to that. This is produced with pure Ceylon cinnamon and gives you a range of health benefits than you would ever imagine.

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Our products

Smart Pack

This product is specifically designed for keeping inside your pocket/purse/hand bag so you could use “Tupik” at any time when you are away from your home. This is coming inside a handy smart pack where you could offer “Tupik” to your friends and your loved once after a meal just to make sure that their mouth are freshen with the sweet smell of Pure Ceylon Cinnamon. This smart pack includes 40 cinnamon toothpicks.

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