Smart Pack

This product is specifically designed for keeping inside your pocket/purse/hand bag so you could use “Tupik” at any time when you are away from your home. This is coming inside a handy smart pack where you could offer “Tupik” to your friends and your loved once after a meal just to make sure that their mouth are freshen with the sweet smell of Pure Ceylon Cinnamon. This smart pack includes 40 toothpicks.



100 PCS Wooden Holder

This is a wooden toothpick holder containing 100 cinnamon toothpicks. The wooden holder has been designed according to the shape of a bell and in par with the traditions of Srilankan carvings. This is more durable than paper pack and also can use to bring more light to the dining table. This wooden holder is a perfect thing to keep on the dining table in your home or a hotel room. This will retain the Cinnamon fragrance and sweetness for an extended period of time.

If you are a chain of hotels or restaurants and you want to print your Company label on the wooden holder, don't hesitate. Just drop us a mail mentioning your requirement. We are ready to fulfill your customized requirements.


200 PCS Wooden Holder

This is an extension of the Standard size which contains 200 cinnamon toothpicks. This is specially designed for the use in functions/seminars/weddings/gatherings where many people gather to a single place. So if you are a company which is in Event Management, this is the right product for you. Special discounts are available for the purchases of this product.





100 PCS Paper Pack

This is coming in a Paper pack which contains 100 no of toothpicks. The toothpicks are packed in a vacuum sealed bag and can be used to refill the standard wooden holders.





200 PCS Paper Pack

This is an extension of the 100 Paper Pack which contains 200 cinnamon toothpicks. This product is basically designed for our customers who have already bought 200 Wooden Holder to refill their empty holders when they purchase next time. The toothpicks are packed in a vacuum sealed bag.





Bulk Sale

If you are expecting to promote Cinnamon toothpicks under a brand name of your own, there is a great chance that we could supply your requirement at any given time. Talk to us or drop a mail. We are committed to pave our time to satisfy your customer demand.